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If this is the first time you visit WebGPU and are enrolled in the PUMPS Summer School: then your username is the email you used to register for PUMPS and your password is $$password$$ (with the dollar signs). If you still cannot login, then visit Reset Password Page and input the email you use to registerd for PUMPS and a email you wish to use to recieve your new password informaton, and you will get an email where you are can reset your password. If none work, then send an email to grcdgnz2[at]illinois.edu to understand what the issues are. For folks who were able to login to WebGPU, please help your fellow students with directions

Welcome to the Algorithmic Techniques for Scalable Many-core Computing course! This site will be used for the labs for the course. (posted 2017-01-05T07:00:00Z )

This site serves as the development platform for the GPU labs offered by The Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) in association with Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC), and University of Illinois (UIUC) PUMPS17 course. All students develop their assignments using this site. WebGPU is developed and maintained by the IMPACT Group.